was created and founded by me, Sheena Larsen. I am a professional Salsa dance instructor in New York City where I founded the Salsa dance company Step Into Salsa.

I grew up loving dance. All types of dance. However, coming from a small town with only two grocery stores, you can bet there wasn't a lot of variety when it came to dance classes. Growing up, I attended dance classes at the local dance studio, but it wasn't until I left my hometown to attend college that I got involved in Ballroom and Salsa dancing.

After several years of training, competing, performing and teaching, I decided to pack up and head to the Big Apple to pursue dancing even more. One of the gems about living in New York City is that talented dancers and dance instructors are abundant here. It is a dancer's paradise.

However, being a small town gal, I know that not everyone has the same resources available to them. That's why I wanted to create an online dance academy for people who want access to quality dance lessons that may not be available where they live. is for the student who is already taking dance classes and wants to supplement what they are learning. It is also for the new dancer who has very limited or zero dance experience.

I aim to educate and inspire students worldwide by bringing some of the top dance instructors in NYC directly into your living room for, literally, a fraction of what it costs to actually attend a regular dance class. Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

I am completely open to suggestions and want to know the dance styles you most want to learn. Shoot me an email and let me know. I will do my best to make it happen.


"Dancing is just discovery, discovery, discovery." ~Martha Graham

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